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Save Blocked or Dangerous URL

When you enter a URL here, it will receive a serial number and will be listed below.
You can share this URL (unblock-this.com) and the serial number, and your link will be accessible with the serial number,
By clicking on the Code: button, both the URL and code will be copied to the clipboard for easy pasting.
This way, you can share links that would otherwise be difficult or dangerous to share due to the NWO.

You can share a "direct" link by using the following code: https://unblock-this.com/serial.php?serial=
Add your code after the = sign, and it will open the correct link page directly in front of you.
For example, https://unblock-this.com/serial.php?serial=oR2h will directly open the details of a link pointing to adult fairy tales.
How easy and enjoyable?

Add URL to be Protected

Please use the prefix http:// or https://

Enter your code in the field below to get the link.

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